You’ve come to the session to find out more about SIDLEFAYE, so let’s get friendly from here on.


The eye behind the lens is your moment catcher, with his passionate click on his trusty Nikon D4 turns every photographs into a frame of memory. Then… as he colors your memories with laughters and black & white the tears, the art of love has become a masterpiece of your life.


Her magic hands transform the brides to an eternity gaze of beauty. Her brushes caress the brows and her powder soothe the cheeks as the lips smile, while her comb does its wonder before the veil is set on. This magnificent talented makeup artist and hair stylist is the key to divine perfection when each wedding occurs.


Sidlefaye hair makeup photography is a Perth based wedding specialist. With over years experience in this business, we deliver our significant to every wedding job we conduct. Therefore, we assure all our clients the quality of excellency vows that every wedding bechances.

Upon request, Sidlefaye had been invited to travel across the east to Melbourne and Sydney to perform our trade of expertise for the bridal industry. We are also proud and honoured to serve clients coming from all over Asia e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia to engage us for their once in a lifetime pre wedding shoot and wedding photography here in Perth, Australia.

Let Sidlefaye hair makeup photography be your 1st stop before you step into your wedding ceremony.