Everytime when clients ask me where are the best locations for wedding photo shoot ? i’ll tell them BOAT SHED BLUE HOUSE – UWA SUNKEN GARDEN are the no.1 locations in Perth.

Nowadays when tourist visit Perth, they will definitely go to the BOAT SHED BLUE HOUSE to get a picture.

UWA Sunken Garden is the University of Western Australia, it has a old historical building at Winthrop hall is a must do for every wedding photographer in Perth. This time, Sidlefaye also go to the Sunken Garden for it’s nature beauty.

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Pre wedding shoot in Perth’s landmark at His Majesty’s Theatre

His Majesty’s Theatre is a historical building is located on corner of Hay street and king’s street in Perth CBD, it was builded from 1904 and had seating for over 2,500 people.Over its life, the theatre has hosted large-scale musicals, ballet, opera, Shakespearean plays and many other events.

Sidlefaye always recommended His Majesty’s Theatre to clients when comes to wedding photography and pre wedding photo shoot, the reason is simple because you will definitely have amazing shots due to it’s elegance architecture, here you will see some of Sidlefaye’s shot in different areas of the building, the famous View of staircase from first floor landing to ground floor,  ornate upper floor foyer features in many of our wedding photographs, and of course The inside of the cupola is a major feature of the interior.

We have many clients from overseas like Malaysian, Singaporean, Hong kong, Korean, Japanese and Indonesian, they travel to Perth just to have wedding photos taken here at His Majesty’s Theatre.

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Sidlefaye 15th Anniversary

To celebrate our love journey we are renewing our vows because we believe some things are worth saying twice.

Sidlefaye are one of Perth’s most popular bridal studio, we met in Melbourne 15 years ago, Sid married Lefaye then moved back to Perth. Every now and then we travel back to Melbourne for wedding and pre wedding photo shoot, besides Melbourne and Perth we also travel to different destination, to Bali Indonesia , Malaysia and Singapore.

Most of our overseas clients love the nature pre wedding photo shoot in Australia, but not many people do studio wedding portraits shot, that’s why here are some of our latest wedding photo style we like to focus, so after 10 or 15 years later we still can look back how wonderful we have lived and loved.

40 years of life, 15 years of marriage , 5475 days together ,8 different address ,17 countries visited ,1 beloved child,The best is yet to come.


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Best hotel in Perth for wedding location is Crown Towers Perth

Crown Towers Perth is the only 6 stars hotel in Perth that is most luxury and offer the best venue for wedding, it is also very famous for it’s Epicurean buffet, and a must try experience when visiting Perth.

This couple chosen Crown Towers Perth to have their wedding reception because it’s very classy and many locations around the hotel are ideal for photo shoot. Everybody were very pleased with the venue and we had lots of fun shooting here. Continue Reading →

No.1 wedding photographer Perth location is UWA Sunken garden

No.1 wedding photographer Perth location is UWA Sunken garden, it had became a tradition for wedding couple to come here for wedding photos.

My clients see my wedding photos i took in UWA, and they insist to have their wedding photos taken at UWA, because Sidlefaye has been in the wedding industry in Perth for more than 8 years, i have shot in UWA for nearly 100 times, therefore i know all the good spot in this location. Continue Reading →


2018 Sidlefaye photography had a great start working with this amazing couple who found us online, when they see the photos i took and fall in love with the style of my picture.

The wedding location is at Tradewinds hotel in canning highway Fremantle, i first time visit the hotel during their rehearsal for the wedding ceremony, i already had lots of plans for the actual wedding day about how i like to photograph at this venue.

polka dot moonbeam is a pocket-sized acoustic wedding band in Perth that brings a romantic twist to the unassuming ukulele, adding vocals in sweet harmony and a swinging bass. Continue Reading →

Perth Pre Wedding Photographer SIDLEFAYE @ St Mary’s Cathedral Perth – piney lakes – Lancelin

After a research of 2017 top 3 locations for pre wedding in Perth are St Mary’s Cathedral Perth – piney lakes – Lancelin.

St Mary’s Cathedral Perth is a very  beautiful church in Perth CBD area, it content new and old building together, there’s even a green lawn area outside the church.

piney lakes is the place Sidlefaye shoot most of the pre wedding photos, it’s also just down the road from where i used to lived, that’s how i discovered this secret park where these days many photographers will also go.

Lancelin and Pinnacles are one of the most go for locations especially those overseas clients, because it’s such a spectacular nature place and during sunset are simply amazing.

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澳洲珀斯婚纱照 Melbourne – Perth pre wedding photography SIDLEFAYE @ mounts bay road big tree / Piney Lakes Reserved / Boat Shed Blue House

Piney Lakes Reserved is located in Melville, it’s a nice shade for wedding ceremony, especially on hot summer days.

After the wedding ceremony, the Perth’s newlyweds decided to go to the most popular location for wedding in Perth, The Boat Shed Blue House and the big tree at Mounts Bay Road.

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澳洲珀斯婚纱照 Melbourne – Perth pre wedding photography SIDLEFAYE @ UWA SUNKEN GARDEN

It’s the wedding season now, from October to December we are so busy with wedding and pre wedding photo shoot in Perth and Melbourne.

This location at UWA Sunken Garden is one of Perth best location for wedding photos.Most of my clients who studied at UWA would love to take their wedding photos there, and this couple had moved to London now, they fly all the way back to Perth just for the pre wedding photo shoot.

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